We're so glad you're here to share our adventure as we enter the homestretch of our long road to adopting Sarah. We hope that family and friends will enjoy the news and photos of our trip to China to bring home our little girl.
Warmly, Debi & Bob

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This chair won't be empty for long!

Here's Sarah's carseat -- isn't it cute? Right now, it's sitting in her room, but it won't be long before it's in the car with a baby strapped in!

After a LONG wait, our referral is getting closer by the minute. Our adoption agency, Great Wall China Adoptions, called today just to verify our phone # and to let us know that they expected referrals probably next Tuesday, Sept 4! So, by sometime that afternoon, hopefully we'll know who Sarah is! GWCA staff will call us to read the info over the telephone and then will email her photo.
I'll post photo and vitals as soon as we get them. So check back here for the latest!


Cindy said...

I am new at this blog stuff too. Third time is a charm - guess I needed to set up an acct first.

Congratulations! I am so happy for you both. I loved your comment about the "just add kid" nursery. You have had it looking cute and ready-to-go for so long. Love the blog idea-saves you from answering the same questions over and over but still keeps everyone up to date. Look forward to updates. Love, Cindy

Michelle & John said...

Love your carseat! Where did you find it and what brand is it?