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Warmly, Debi & Bob

Thursday, August 23, 2007

more photos - the 4-legged kids!

Here are photos of some of the pooches. Sarah will have lots of dogs to play with! First photo is Willie, taken the last time he showed at Westminster (2006, I think?). As a gumpy old man as far as kids are concerned, he'll probably hide from Sarah a lot, at least until he learns her food-dropping potential.
And here's Gotcha the dalmatian with two of Willie's grandkids (Fiona & Fanny) when they were baby puppies. The puppies LOVE Gotcha! And Gotcha can't wait to have a little girl to play with.

Finally, a photo of Arthur, the Willie son we're just starting to special. He thinks being a showdog is pretty cool. When Sarah comes, we won't have much time to show ourselves, so will rely on friends to see to Arthur's career. happy viewing! Debi

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Steve and Jen said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with 11 moons! We are another waiting family (LID 11/22)and we are just so excited and anxious for the referrals. I love your site and the baby's room is precious:) Your dalmation is a cutie too! Best wishes to you and your family in this incredible journey.