We're so glad you're here to share our adventure as we enter the homestretch of our long road to adopting Sarah. We hope that family and friends will enjoy the news and photos of our trip to China to bring home our little girl.
Warmly, Debi & Bob

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fast Forward to China!

OK, so I know I have tons of stuff to post about the time from referral to travel... but time flew! We're here in China on our 3rd day with Sarah. She's great! Glued to me, but great. This morning I figured out how to dry my hair with her in the baby carrier because she did NOT want to be put down or to have me out of her sight. She's dealing with the upheaval very well, apart from trouble sleeping (the crib is her enemy, and none of us are getting much sleep!). I'll try to post some photos if I can! and I'll send more details when I'm not trying to type one-handed (right-handed, no less) while a wiggly baby tries to type with her feet.