We're so glad you're here to share our adventure as we enter the homestretch of our long road to adopting Sarah. We hope that family and friends will enjoy the news and photos of our trip to China to bring home our little girl.
Warmly, Debi & Bob

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The "Baby Pool"

Nope, this is not like the kiddie pool you have nightmares about, where you just hope that everyone is wearing leakproof swim diapers! It's the good ole betting kind.

First, some history and then the game...

History -- a couple of pals in our adoption Yahoo group set up "Baby Pools" so that friends could guess on their kiddo's arrival. I laughed because it's common among my doggie friends to do "puppy pools" when they have a litter due (altho I'm not usually organized enough to do them). So then a doggie friend said "hey, where's the pool?!" So, here it is...

The Game -- you make guesses about Sarah and whoever is closest to correct wins a prize! Guess the following:

1. Sarah's date of birth (babies are typically 7-20ish months at referral)

2. Sarah's province of birth (see China map above)

3. Sarah's weight at her last medical exam (which was probably a month or two before referral)

For my dog friends - no, we are not guessing litter size; she will be a singleton! We're also not guessing sex since we requested a girl... even tho some pals from our agency were surprised last month to be referred a boy! they'd requested either sex, but come on, with a 95% chance of getting a girl they thought they were safe with pink and ruffles!

The Prize -- heck, what do you care? you're doing this for fun, not for the prize! but I promise, it will be something fun or yummy. once I figure out what it is...

How to Play -- just reply to this post. Have fun!



Val Smith said...

Just wishing parents and Sarah long, happy, wonderful lives together filled with love and laughter!

Karin Ashe said...

Quangx is the province..Sarah's birthday will be November 20, 2006
She will weigh in at 21 lbs.
Karin Ashe (who knows she's going to be absolutely beautiful and make your lives wonderful!)

minaretsalukis said...

Huebi is undoubtedly the province.
You'll be gearing up for a big first birthday party, circus themed, naturally, on October 4th. She is a svelte, 17.5 lb, bundle of love.


JoElla Young said...

Hoping all goes smoothly with the adoption of little Sarah.

Baby Pool

Sarah will be born in Shandong province, on June 14, 2006 and her last weight will be 18.5 lbs.

Pumpkin's Page said...

Here are my picks:
Sarah will be born November 20.
Sarah will be from Hunan Province.
Sarah will be about 15 pounds as of her last exam.

Good luck!!!

Cristina said...

Hi Debi,

Sarah will be from Jiangxi, she will be 9 months old and weigh 15 pounds.

Your fellow 22nder, Cristina in Tasmania (aka Tassiegirl on RQ)

Tracy said...

I'll play (and we have a pool on our blog as well - feel free to play!) :)

Here is my guess:

1. Sarah's date of birth: 10-19-06

2. Sarah's province of birth: Hunan

3. Sarah's weight at her last medical exam: 15 lbs.

LID 11/22/05 - next!

ba_joker said...

I'll guess DOB as Nov. 10, 2006, Jiangxi province, and 16 pounds.

I hope you get your referral soon.

........Alan Cannon



Terri @ In His Hands said...

7 months
13 pounds

So happy for you, Debi!!! Can't wait to travel together! :)

Phil said...

May 5th, 2006
Fujian Province
22 lbs
And an alert extrovert who will sleep on the plane on the way back and then be up all night in the first hotel in the US, cooing and laughing at you and trying to get your attention ;-)

Anna said...

Such exciting times -- so very happy for you guys!

Sarah will come from the province of Sichuan -- she was born January 15, 2007 and last recorded weight was 14.5 lbs. Can't wait to see a photo!

Heidi said...

I think she will be from Jianxi and will be 7 months old and 13 pounds.

Kim said...


You've been added to the blogroll :)

Debi & Bob said...

The pool is now closing... everybody out! We've receive the email from Great Wall saying that they have our referral, and so now we're just waiting anxiously for "The Call"! Debi

chinamomxtwo said...

Jumping in before I have to get out--this was such a cute idea! :)
Sarah will be from Hunan, and 12.5 pounds, at 9 months old.

Bill & Linda said...

Your nursery looks so nice I'd like to move in.

Stefanie said...
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Debi & Bob said...

And the winner is... Minaretsalukis! This guess was exact on weight and less than 1 week off on age! Province was wrong, but started with the right letter (H). Leave it to one of my doggie friends to be closest. I guess the puppy pool-guessing skill transfers to baby pools. Or maybe it was the "now I have to go research baby age and weight info" note that she wrote before registering her guess! Thanks everyone for playing! Debi